24 March 2005

How sad, nothing truly new to report. I'm attending Norwescon again, with one new piece in tow, "The Gift of Light". Yep, that's all.

19 October 2004

Two new pieces for my panel at MileHiCon, "Late For Dinner" and "Lazy Afternoon". (Yes, aren't my titles delightful? :P)

14 October 2004

I am published! The work for it was done nearly two months ago, but my art will be on the cover of a new scientific journal called Small (dedicated to the science of things on the micro and nano scale). The cover and the articles are up at Wiley-VCH.

27 March 2004

Well, this is my bare-bones launch of my portfolio, at long last. Welcome! The gallery is open, and the other parts will be filling in as I write them.

If you're interested (or in the area), some of my prints (and one original!) are at AggieCon this weekend. If you got my card from the show, er, glad you made it online, too!

I'll be attending and doing panels at Norwescon 27 here in Seattle in two short weeks, see me there!

23 March 2004

Finished "Dance of the Dragonflies"!