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About Me

Random (or not) facts about me, because I can't be bothered to write a narrative right now.

About this Site

Sometime in early 2002, I decided I really, really ought to have my own domain. My own little corner of the web where I could showcase my creative endeavors. It took me another half year to actually come up with a name I could foresee keeping for more than ten minutes.

My word-toying finally led me to "Dreaming Kirin". It appealed to me on two levels. On a literal level, my mother dreamed of a kirin (or qilin, ch'i-lin, depending on your flavor of Chinese transliteration) a few days before I was born. Thus, my parents thought it'd be clever to name me with this in mind. The '-chi' part of my name comes from this creature. I always thought that was cool. :) It is supposed to be a good, lucky omen. Astute readers will note that I did pick the Japanese spelling, because frankly, the others didn't look right.

Since I've been lured into the field of fantasy illustration, "Dreaming Kirin" also seems appropriate. It's an exploration into my dreams and imagination, where one can see all manner of mythical beings.

Contacting Me

Email: ychen at toasty dot org

If you can read this, you probably have some form of email. Email me for more specific contact information, should you need it.